5 Perfect Heart Jewellery Gift For Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly, and, despite what your love is telling you, she definitely wants some jewellery. While diamonds may be a woman’s best friend, silver heart jewellery, especially heart bracelets and heart necklaces, are the gift that’s sure to last a lifetime. You’ve come to the right place, The Opal has the latest on-trend silver jewellery that will make the perfect Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift.

A Simple Reminder of Your Love

Beautiful sterling silver pendant necklace makes the most perfect gift. There’s no better way to say “I love you” than the immortalize your love in the form of a heart-shaped necklace. This pick features a single open heart charm that’s adorned with a double row of cubic zirconia stones.

Open Sterling Silver Heart Necklace Open Sterling Silver Heart Necklace

We also have combined modern elegance with timeless romantics. It offers a fresh take on the typical heart-shaped jewellery. The small sterling silver necklace’s pendant is an angled open heart shape whose points cross into a kiss symbol. Talk about the epitome of romance. This small silver heart necklace is perfect for someone who might not be into flashy jewellery, as its delicate size adds just the right amount of sparkle.

Crossover Heart Small Silver Pendant Crossover Heart Small Silver Pendant

Everyday Elegance Comes in Pairs

Silver stud earrings are a simple way to jazz up an outfit with little effort. There’s a reason why so many ladies have their ears pierced. Show your love with the gift of small, simple heart stud earrings. These beauties are half polished to a perfect shine, and half adorned with sparkling cubic zirconia stones. They are small, making them a sweet addition for your beloved’s everyday collection.

Silver Heart Stud Earrings Silver Heart Stud Earrings

Delicate Bracelets Made to Brighten Up Anyone’s Day

Nowadays, women wear a multitude of accessories on their wrists, but a silver bracelet is a must-have. Make sure that she goes out in style with this delicate feminine silver heart charm bracelet. It features a single row of perfectly polished heart charms connected by a single chain.

Silver Heart Charm Bracelet Silver Heart Charm Bracelet

And, you’ve likely noticed a trend in rose gold making its presence known in the jewellery world. Impress her by showing you know the trends when you gift her this dainty mix of sterling silver and rose gold heart bracelet. The delicate bracelet features three-heart chains connected by a simple bracelet chain. She can wear this day or night and show off its beauty.

Rose Gold Plated Link Silver Heart Bracelet Rose Gold Plated Link Silver Heart Bracelet

Show Your Love with a Shiny Ring

Rings are a timeless way to show your love. And, while your love might already have a big shiny ring, or while you might not be ready to give her an engagement ring, you can still make the gesture of giving a small beautiful heart ring. This dainty ring is the perfect gift to show your love. This ring is made of sterling silver, and features a full band of polished hearts with one single sparkling cubic zirconia adorning the top of the ring. What’s not to love?

Heart and Cubic Zirconia Silver Ring Heart and Cubic Zirconia Silver Ring