Gold and Rose Gold Plated Jewellery Perfect for Your Collection

For years, silver jewellery has been widely regarded as a durable and beautiful option for women across the globe. Women everywhere wear silver earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces every single day. However, the recent surge in popularity of gold and rose gold jewellery leaves fashionistas wondering if they should opt for staying on trend or stick with the reliable silver jewellery they know and love. Fortunately, silver can be plated with gold or rose gold, which means that you no longer have to choose between silver and gold. We've identified few of our favourite gold and rose gold plated silver jewellery pieces.

The Perfect Gold Plated Necklace

If you’re looking for an easy way to upgrade your outfit, wearing a silver pendant necklace is the way to go. This style of necklace is not only easy to wear, it’s a style chameleon. You can wear your necklace to work in the morning, to the gym after work and then out to dinner and drinks with the girls and not worry about if it matches with your outfit. One of our all-time favourite necklaces is our gold plated leaf silver necklace. This beauty will add a sophisticated depth to any outfit you pair it with, and its details will get you many compliments whenever you wear it.

Gold Plated Leaf Silver Pendant Gold Plated Leaf Silver Pendant

Earrings with Infinite Style

Wearing silver stud earrings is a perfect choice for any woman. It’s an especially good choice for someone who has sensitive ears and is allergic to many other materials. Silver stud earrings will stand the test of time and endure lots of wear, so it makes sense to purchase a pair to add to your collection. These lovely rose gold plated silver infinity stud earrings are just what you need. Adorned with tiny cubic zirconia gems, these stud earrings will add sparkle and class to the outfit you pair them with.

Rose Gold Plated Infinity Silver Earrings Rose Gold Plated Infinity Silver Earrings

Mix and Match Bracelet

Silver bracelets are a timeless way to add a little shine to your outfits. What’s more, they’re typically delicate pieces that exude femininity and class. You can wear one on its own or layer them for a trendy look. Another trendy look, which is captured perfectly in one of our favourite bracelets, is mixing metals. This rose gold and gold plated silver bracelet combines three different metallic shades feathers, which is a trendy look. The feather pendants also keep you on trend by paying homage to the boho looks.

Gold and Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Feather Bracelet Gold and Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver Feather Bracelet

Dress Up Your Hands with a Ring

Wearing a silver ring is a simple and classic way to dress up your look or make a statement. Rings are a good jewellery choice because you can wear them to just about any activity without having to remove them. You can’t go wrong with accessorizing your look with rings. This particular ring combines different metallic shades and textures, making it the ultimate silver ring. With plain and rope styles, this seven-row ring is perfect with any outfit, and it’s mixture of gold plated and rose gold plated bands exude trendiness. It is the perfect addition to any fashionista’s closet.

Plain and Rope Style 7 Row Sterling Silver Ring Plain and Rope Style 7 Row Sterling Silver Ring