The gorgeous and evocative jewellery we recognise today as the tree of life necklace and tree of life earrings is a concept and design that's been beloved for centuries. The ancient Egyptians, Assyrians and Persians all revered tree imagery and artisans delighted in sharing that fondness in silver jewellery.

The design is also associated with the Bodhi Tree of Buddhist tradition. This is the tree from which Buddha received enlightenment and wisdom, which he passed on to his followers and the world at large.

The tree of life design is also an important part of Celtic heritage, sometimes called the “Celtic tree of life” or “Crann Bethadh.” The striking image of a vital, strong tree growing out into the universe and contained within an unbroken circle is a versatile and compelling image. It's a symbol that has prevailed across generations.

Tree of life jewellery represents:

  • A link between heaven and Earth that connects all forms of creation
  • A symbol of connection to one another and a greater life force
  • Positive Earth energy
  • Inspiration, hope and harmony embodied in Mother Nature
  • A totem symbolising the four elements
  • Vitality and rebirth

Some traditions are inspired by a more literal interpretation of tree of life necklaces and tree of life earrings: the roots represent cherished beliefs, the trunk embodies core values, and the branches are wisdom that grows and spreads into the world at large.

Contemporary Variations on Tree of Life Necklaces and Tree of Life Earrings

Tree of life necklaces and tree of life earrings are not tired or overly-familiar because they have a centuries-old tradition. To the contrary, there is a wide range of styles and expressions in today's designs. Here are some examples:

This silver tree of life pendant showcases a leafy, very natural design that emphasises the grandeur and splendour of nature. The absence of an enclosing circle imparts a marvellous sense of growth and abundance: this tree and the beauty it symbolises cannot be contained.

Tree of Life Pendant

This silver tree of life necklace adds sparkle and the suggestion of fruits or flowers. It's a daring and lovely departure from more traditional designs, evoking an added sense of glamour combined with the beauty of nature. This versatile design dresses up or can be worn casually.

Circle Tree of Life Necklace

These are a very traditional style of tree of life earrings, in a silver drop earrings design. The delicate branches rendered in gleaming silver are elegant, pretty and evocative. They're the perfect touch to show off a love for trees and nature.

Tree of Life Silver Drop Earrings

Here's a look at tree of life stud earrings in a simple and attractive design. These are a lovely way to celebrate your spiritual side, with a subtle and appealing nod to the wondrous power of Mother Nature.

Tree of Life Stud Earrings

Do You Love Tree of Life Jewellery?

Silver tree of life necklaces and tree of life earrings are beloved because they symbolise so many beautiful attributes: knowledge, wisdom, insight, focus, the majesty of Mother Nature and much more. They are a favourite ladies' gift for birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions.

If you have a passion for timeless beauty and traditional jewellery designs, you owe it to yourself to explore the many options for tree of life jewellery. There are many styles available at The Opal, find a gift you or a special woman will love!