Wish Them Good Luck With A Symbolic Silver Bracelet

Whether they are starting a new job, buying a house or taking exams, there is nothing better than a silver bracelet to show them that you are sending all the good luck in the world their way . A sterling silver bracelet is the ideal choice to match with any outfit, and when a woman knows that she looks good, she feels more confident too.

Tree of Life Bracelet

Just like a tree grows from strong roots with new branches and leaves forming, the Tree of Life is a highly mystical symbol that is found in many cultures. Portraying strength of character, new beginnings and the power to overcome any obstacles in your way, it is ideal for someone about to embark on a new life adventure.

Our Tree of Life silver bracelet features an intricate tree of life disc pendant fastened with a thin silver chain. The central charm feature will let them instantly see that good luck is being sent their way whilst also making a contemporary style accessory statement.

Tree of Life Sterling Silver Bracelet Tree of Life Sterling Silver Bracelet

Flower of Life Bracelet

The Flower of Life is a symbol that consists of 19 overlapping circles that originate from one circle, illustrating that there is a geometric plan to life. Full of positive meaning, this means that in terms of good luck, that the next step on your life journey is meant to be and is all part of life’s rich tapestry.

Our Flower of Life sterling silver bracelet is the perfect match of style and charm. The ball chain adds a feeling of modernism to the look, making this the ideal gift to any woman who loves a contemporary vibe to their jewellery.

Flower of Life Silver Ball Bracelet Flower of Life Silver Ball Bracelet

Dream Catcher Bracelet

Part of Native American culture but known throughout the world, the Dream Catcher is as beautifully fascinating as it is symbolic. As the name suggests, all dreams are caught within the inner web structure, with the bad dreams unable to escape, and the good ones slipping gently down the feathers to ensure peaceful resolution. This makes the Dream Catcher the ideal way to send positivity to someone needing luck on their side.

Our Dream Catcher bracelet has a central web disc charm with central clear blue stone, completed naturally with the dangling etched feather drop. Give to someone who likes their jewellery with a hippie, boho vibe as well as sending good luck their way.

Sterling Silver Dream Catcher Bracelet Sterling Silver Dream Catcher Bracelet

Elephant Bracelet

The elephant is strongly symbolic in Feng Shui and more specifically, when the trunk is depicted in an ‘up’ position, it is showing good luck. As an elephant’s trunk is known to be a sensitive part of its body as well as being used by the elephant for numerous tasks including warning off the enemy, it is the ideal symbol for someone you want to protect and wish well on their next life step.

Our silver Elephant Bracelet has a duo of elephants as its central feature and with a symbolism that shows the bond between mother and child, would make the perfect gift for those about to start a family.

Elephant Silver Bracelet Elephant Silver Bracelet