Earrings for Women

Complete your look with the perfect pair of earrings from The Opal. Choose from our extensive UK collection of elegant drops, dainty studs, and on trend hoop earrings. Our designs include... read more



Are you looking for some new earrings to add to your collection? With so much to offer for all tastes, why not take the time to browse our easy-to-use website and treat yourself to that item of jewellery that will brighten your look as well as your mood. Whether it’s for daytime use, either to leave in the ear on an ongoing basis or to make a style statement, or for evening use, adding glamour to your outfit and giving you a confidence boost.

Our silver stud earrings come in a variety of styles, from the very simple and plain to the more fashionable and individual. Silver studs are also an excellent choice for people who have more than one piercing, letting them have a long earring in the first hole and then studs further up the ear. If you like an earring that is a bit larger but still easy to wear, visit our Silver Hoop Earrings section. With sizes that range from small to medium to large and even extra-large, we have your hoop earring needs covered. While some ladies like the more slender and plain hoop that can be left in the ear, we also cater for women who like something a bit more ornate like a Creole earring or a hoop with a charm.

Do you prefer your earrings with a bit more length and personality? From silver drop earrings that were born to make a statement to longer length earrings that express your personality, we don’t hold back when it comes to choice. They are always a wonderful choice for when you are planning a special night out, splendidly enhancing your outfit and making sure that jewellery is part of your whole look. And taking longer length earrings a step further, the silver pull through earring is so light to wear in the ear as well as being something a little different. The threader is placed into the hole and pulled through so that you have your own choice of length to the front and back of the earlobe.

A similarly different type of earring style is the silver climber earring. Giving you a look that is sure to get you noticed, a stud goes in your piercing, with your choice of design then following up the earlobe for a touch of fashionable drama.

When looking for the perfect present, whether for a someone special or simply just to treat yourself, birthstone set earrings truly have something for everyone. From opal earrings to amethyst, black onyx to pearl, you can mix up your earring look for every month of the year.

Of course, The Opal isn’t just about silver. We are also proud that we cater for those that love their gold look by bringing you a selection of both gold stud earrings and gold hoop earrings. If this is for you, then it’s time to head on to the website and see just what beauteous items we have to offer.