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All our silver jewellery is made from 925 sterling silver and hallmarked by UK assay office if weigh over 7.78g. All our gold jewellery is made from at least 9ct/375 gold and hallmarked by UK assay office if weigh over 1g.

What is hallmark?

A hallmark means the article has been independently tested and conforms to all legal standards of purity/fineness. It is a set of symbols applied on a jewellery made from precious metals such as silver, gold, platinum or palladium by assay office. It is made of 3 compulsory symbols.

    • The Sponsor’s Mark: It is a mark of company or individual who is responsible for hallmarking. In the UK this mark consists of at least two letters within a surround.
    • Metal and fineness (purity) Mark: This shows the fineness of the metal. Indicates the precious metal content of the article and that it is not less than the fineness of the article indicated. The fineness is indicated by a millesimal number (parts per thousand) and the metal type is indicated by the shape of the surround.
    • The Assay Office Mark: This symbol shows which assay office tested and marked the item.
    • Traditional Fineness Mark: The traditional fineness symbol is optional.
    • Date Letter Mark: The date letter mark is optional.

Why Hallmarking?

It is legal requirement to have a UK recognised hallmark if articles/jewellery is made from precious metal and weigh over certain weight. Articles below certain weights are exempt, for silver 7.78g, gold and palladium over 1g, and platinum over 0.5g.

Dealers Notice:

It is produced by the British Hallmarking Council and explains hallmark requirement, assay office symbols, fineness marks etc.

Click here to open pdf version