Find something special from our beautiful collection of necklaces for women from The Opal. From contemporary classics and Boho chic, to on trend statement necklaces and evening glamour.


Silver Pendant
Perfect for an up-to-date look in the day yet also ideal for evening wear, the silver pendant is certainly a very versatile jewellery piece. Whether your style is delicate or bold or you prefer smaller pedants or larger, we have a wide- ranging choice of styles.

Silver Necklace
Enhance your outfit choice and style by adding a silver necklace. Whether your preference is for a shorter or longer length chain, or you like a slender chain or something a bit chunkier, the inclusion of a silver necklace is an instant way to add just what you need to finish off your look.

Silver Locket
Keep those that you treasure close to your heart by wearing a silver locket. The locket can’t help but have a vintage vibe, with space for a photo of relatives or close friends bringing a touch of sentiment to your everyday fashion look.

Birthstone Set Necklace There is always something highly sentimental and symbolic about jewellery items that contains a birthstone, making it a great way to feel connected to who you truly are. As a necklace sits around the neckline and chest and is often sat close to the heart area, it is the perfect way to wear a birthstone piece of jewellery, whether you prefer opal necklace, turquoise set pendant , amber or another precious gem.