The most beloved of all jewellery accessories, the ring pulls together an outfit effortlessly. The Opal’s extensive range of rings for women offers every lady something truly unique. From those... read more


Silver Ring
For a look for the finger that will never date, the silver ring is the perfect choice. Silver jewellery matches easily with any style, colour or design, making it ideal for wear at any time, whether on the index finger, middle finger or thumb.

Stacking Ring
For ladies who love to keep up with the latest jewellery trends, the stacking ring is a must-have, letting you individualise your silver ring look by enabling you to choose your own arrangement and wear multiple rings on any finger. Sterling silver is the perfect precious metal choice for the stackable ring, as it grabs the attention without over dominating the hand.

Spinner Ring
Ideal for the woman who loves to touch their jewellery and create a true point of interest, the spinning ring comes with a central sterling silver section that moves independently of the outer edges, hence the spinner name. The design of the ring means that is often chunkier in size and appearance and so is often worn on the thumb or forefinger.

Birthstone Set Ring
Whatever your birthstone is, a sentimental and personal way of incorporating it into your jewellery is to have a birthstone set ring. From opal rings to the birthstone of February, amethyst, to cubic zirconia and sapphire, the birthstone of September, they come in a large variety of colours. Birthstone set rings will become a talking point jewellery piece that sparks conversation and unites people with similar birth dates.